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“Actionable, empowering”

“Actionable, empowering”
— Michael Bordoni, VP Finance Strategy, Hewlett Packard Company

“Challenging, confidence-building, insightful”

“Challenging, confidence-building, insightful, makes-me-smile”
— Jim Balcom, CEO, PolyFuel, Inc.

“High-energy, thought-provoking”

“High energy, thought provoking.”
— John Wilkes, MTS and ACM fellow, Google

“Empathic, intuitive and insightful”
“Gets us unstuck”
“Unwinds problems”

“Deb is the one of the most empathic, intuitive and insightful consultants I’ve ever worked with. Suffice it to say that if I ever had to hire someone to help me get a team or an executive “unstuck” I would turn to Deb. She’s amazing an unwinding the problem and helping people think through the best way to move forward for their organization, their customers, and even their own careers.”
— Abby Godee, Executive Strategy director, Frog Design

“Terrific strategic facilitator”
“Remarkable insight and clarity”

Deb is a terrific strategic facilitator. Her insight and clarity of purpose are truly remarkable, and I recommend her strongly.
— Rahm McDaniel, Strategy & Planning, Imaging & Printing, HP

“Quick and effective resolution”
“Resolved in days”

Deb facilitated a “real time” strategy session with our team to drive to quick & effective resolution to several complex problems that had the potential to stall the organization. In just a few hours, Deb asked the critical few questions and drove us to structure a proposal that was focused, clear, effective and actionable. What the leadership thought would take months to do, we resolved in days.
— Valerie Nau, Director, Support Operations

“Outstanding business acumen”
“Real world experience”

Deb has outstanding business acumen and a deft touch at helping people get things done. Her expertise in coaching is based on real world experience and delivery of measurable results.
— Kevin Schofield, Marisan Group

“Major project completed six weeks early”

While I am generally an open person, I didn’t really believe that we (I) could achieve some things in 90 days. Well in December my team has a manufacturing release meeting for the top item on my list. This is a MAJOR project and will be completed 6 weeks ahead of our original date.
— Diana Bell, GM, Notebook Computer Division,

“Invaluable coaching sessions”

The coaching sessions have proved invaluable and something that is now an important part of my working structure. Most managers tend to feel that they are out there alone with the pressure of managing their respective businesses and bringing good results and positive contribution. The coaching experience is such a powerful learning and development tool for me personally. I believe there are many people who would receive the same benefits.
— Mike Sealy, Region Manager, Northern Europe

“Linchpin for moving us forward”
“Everything I hoped for”

Everything I hoped for and more. We still do have some things to do but heavens above we are so much closer and you will always be the linchpin for moving us forward. I am personally grateful to you and I know the board is very happy with the progress. I am looking forward to more opportunities to work with you.
— Joanne Saltzberg, CEO, Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore/WEB

“Novel ground for new team”
“Ability to read participants”
“Dynamic agenda adjustment”

I had a sense of the goals I wanted to achieve with the team. Your first task was to help me solidify these and then work on an agenda for the offsite. This was no trivial feat given the novel ground we were often treading and initially this was a brand new cross-labs team. Your skills were incredibly valuable during the meetings themselves in being able to ”read” the participants, how the meeting was going and then dynamically adjust the agenda to keep us on target towards the goal. The impact of this should not be underestimated: We would not have achieved our goals without your presence.
— Simon Towers, Storage Systems Manager

“Different point of view”
“Involve her earlier”
“Rare to coach the leader”

Deb provided a different point of view and was very skillful in her coaching of all parties. She helped to work through details of meeting including logistics and clean outcomes. Participants felt her energy and expertise fit well and were additive to those already present. Would I recommend Deb Colden to others with similar needs? Yes, and I would encourage them to involve her earlier in the process. She is also competent and capable of coaching the meeting ‘leader’, which is rarely possible.
— Michele Goins, CIO, Juniper Networks

“Dynamic, complex business”
“Wouldn’t get here ourselves”
“Better customer alignment”

The business situation that we’re in has been dynamic and complex phase. The company has reorganized and our business partners are changing. The work you’ve done with the group and the department managers has helped us frame up the way we are going to organize going forward. And that’s come out of the series of discussions which you’ve guided and helped instruct for us which has produced an output I don’t think we ever would have gotten by ourselves. We’re a lot better aligned with our customers. In the businesses, we are able to pitch things that make sense. Personally I’ve been more effective.
— John Sontag, Department Manager of Planetary Scale Computing Program

Keywords about Deb

Full Testimonials