Executive and Leadership

Deb’s high-energy individual coaching sessions are designed to rapidly accelerate your leadership capability, energy and confidence in ways that more traditional leadership development experiences cannot match.

You get to drive the agenda with real-world goals you want to accomplish, as well as challenges and hurdles you wish to overcome.

As a sounding board for your many ideas, Deb creates a confidential and trusting environment where you can bounce different concepts off of someone before taking them to your team.

The coaching engagement is a series of focused one-on-one meetings that occur over a 3-to-6 month period in person or by phone.

Rapid Results Meeting Design & Facilitation

Deb has an instinctual ability to get the right people working together in a collaborative environment to achieve complex change, determine aggressive performance goals, and realize rapid growth.

Her approach is to help you plan, design and facilitate pragmatic strategy meetings that engage the team, help them identify the highest impact actions and accelerate their ability to get the results your company needs.

Her guided discussions produce an output that most organizations would not be able to achieve on their own, while also removing ambiguity and establishing greater clarity, alignment and motivation among team members.

Payoffs of
Strategic Alignment

Real-Time Strategy Sessions for Small Groups

Deb helps business teams drive quick and effective resolutions to complex problems that often have the potential to stall an organization.

In just a few hours, Deb is able to determine and ask the fundamental questions needed to drive an outcome that is focused, clear, effective and actionable.

Her work enables partners and small groups to solve critical problems in a very short period of time and gain quick alignment across multiple stakeholders with different objectives and metrics.

Deb is often able to help resolve issues in days, that leadership often predicts will take months to accomplish, . She is renowned for working across organizations and with multiple stakeholders to develop the necessary support for sustained solutions.

“Creating Breakthroughs” Workshop

Discover the action steps you can take right away to get yourself unstuck and back on track.

Using her Dream, Act and Encourage model for creating breakthroughs, Deb will guide you through the process of determining the goals you want to achieve, figuring out the support you need to reach those goals, and surrounding yourself with the people who can help you get there.

When all three pieces are in place, individuals experience a huge payoff in the form of increased productivity, greater energy, more clarity, and a clearer vision of the entire ecosystem.

For groups, the payoff results in increased communication, better alignment, and a renewed focus on the prize everyone is working together to achieve.

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